Mondrianum b3 2.0

Get the most out of the Adobe Kuler community


  • Opens a new world of unusual and creative colors
  • Give direct access to the Kuler Community


  • Doesn't always work with the applications it's supposed to
  • Only useful for design professionals looking for unique colors


If you've never heard of the Adobe Kuler community then prepare to immerse yourself in its wide and technicolored world via Lithoglyph’s Mondrianum.

Adobe Kuler is an online community where you can explore, create, and share color themes. The color themes in Kuler are contributed by users, many of them professional designers or in the creative business so you're dealing with top notch results. So where does Mondrianum come in?

Well it's a plug-in that enables Mac applications to get the most out of the Kuler community. Once installed, it acts like a built-in, system-wide color picker which is available on any Mac application that supports this feature of Mac OS X. These include all the big apps such as Apple’s own iWork and iLife suites, Google Sketchup, Adobe Photoshop and other widely used applications such as Coda and CSSEdit.

Mondrianum is a great plug-in for designers and creative professionals looking to access a whole world of unusual and creative colors.



Mondrianum b3 2.0

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